The Essence of Style Ashram

At Style Ashram, we believe that people should pay a fair price for high quality furniture - and not the expensive overheads of high street showrooms. We work directly with designers to bring you quality furniture at much lower prices.

There are a few factors that help us keep prices low for you:

The secret behind our pricing

arrow iconMade to order

We work directly with designers and manufacturers to create your sofas on demand. This means no importers, distributors, wholesalers, or retailers waiting to take their cut. And then we simply pass off all these savings to you, our end customers. In addition to saving costs on inventory, this helps us to ensure quality, and customize the sofas to your needs.

grouping iconGrouped orders

In order to further reduce costs, we carry a minimal stock and group orders that are then placed every 30 days. This eliminates the need for expensive storage, and again, we pass the savings on to you. As our orders continue to grow rapidly, we hope to bring this ordering timeframe down even further. Help us spread the word to your friends and family and capitalize on exciting paybacks in the process!

pricing iconNo expensive showrooms

You get all the benefits of seeing the furniture for yourself, without having to visit expensive showrooms. Visit us today to check us out. Learn more

Exclusive design and service

designs icon Designs that you won’t get anywhere else

Style Ashram has literally scoured the world for unique designs that are guaranteed to soothe and delight your living space. We bring you high-end European designs with classic, minimalistic lines that will take your breath away. If you have been looking for modern designs that you haven’t been able to find anywhere else in India, look no further. In fact, come visit us in Gurgaon to see these luxury items for yourself.

returns iconUnprecedented service

At Style Ashram we strongly believe in creating pure happiness for our customers, and we will leave no stone unturned to make sure that you walk away with an unparalleled customer service experience. From our sales people, who are trained to help you make a purchase decision that fits your needs and style, to our delivery managers who will come in and set the sofas up for you to your complete satisfaction, every inch of our organization is designed to give you service you will never forget. This, we guarantee.

delivery iconPainless furniture delivery

Our furniture is made to order, so it may take a little longer to arrive than the typical 'showroom' buy. It's a trade-off, but we believe that the quality of our products, the beautiful designs and unbeatable prices are well worth the wait. Feel free to browse through reviews from satisfied customers who seem to agree.

And whether you order just one or multiple products from Style Ashram, we make sure that each of them is not only delivered right to your doorstep, but that our delivery managers install, place and position them to your satisfaction - all free of charge.

"I can’t believe I was able to find such sleek designs
in Gurgaon. And so reasonable. Really love it."
- Neha, Gurgaon

Aphrodite 3 Seater Leather Sofa

"FINALLY furniture that’s not totally boring
or dinchak. Thanks Style Ashram you guys
have awesome taste!" – Payal, GK II

Emma Left Hand Facing 3 Seater Corner Sofa

"The Isabelle sofa looks like it was made
for our living room. The pricing is too good
my husband can’t even say no. Love it!"  
- Preeti, Punjabi Bagh 

Isabelle 4 Seater Leather Sofa in Chocolate Brown

"Just love the selection, and the quality
of the leather is unbelievable. I can't wait  
for my sofas!" - Krithi, Malviya Nagar

Angelo Right Hand Facing Leather Corner Sofa

"Style Ashram team worked hard to get
the perfect fabric and colour for my sofas.
They had great ideas to make my living room 
more spacious. Great service." – Ritu 

Selene Left Hand Facing Corner Fabric Sofa

"My wife kept dragging me to all these shops
every weekend to look for her perfect sofa.
When I showed her she
couldn’t believe the selection. I was happy
with the prices. Nicely done.”  - Rohit

Alex Right Hand Facing Corner Leather Sofa

"Amazing selection, terrific prices,    
and the team was just really helpful."     
 – Manpreet 

Ricco Left Hand Facing Fabric Corner Sofa